chasing beauty

'art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life' - Pablo Picasso

'The great artist is the simplifier' - Vincent Van Gogh

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Degs is a Northamptonshire painter of people, although he sometimes paints and draws other things. He makes sculptures too.

He works predominantly in oil on canvas But uses watercolour and pastels occasionally. His paintings marvel in and manipulate colour. Faces fascinate but bodies bewitch him.

A number of people in the area have commissioned portraits, and if you visit the Norman Church of St Mary in Bozeat you will see his painting  of the crucifixion.

"Art is not what you see but what you make others see' - Edgar Degas

Many great artists create profound work with underlying messages designed to provoke or challenge. Some push artistic boundaries whilst others make political or social statements. Because I understand that I am incapable of these things I know that I will never be a great artist.

My work seeks to celebrate rather than to conflict with our perception of what is beautiful art. I try to create work that will happily hang in a private space. Our homes are our castles and I do not want to cause any disquiet by introducing ideological challenge within, or more appropriately, onto your walls..

To me mankind, especially in the female form is magical and mesmerising. I love people. I paint what I love and hope that you love what I paint.

In my art I am forever chasing beauty.

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  • Cogenhoe, Northampton, England, United Kingdom