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Pizza using cast iron pan

Cooking a pizza by starting it off on a stinking hot cast iron crepe pan to get the base nice and crisp then finishing off in the oven.




Pizza cooked on frying pan

This is a method I saw Heston Blumenthal do.

I heated the oven/grill combo to the highest setting.

I put my cast iron skillet on the hob on high.

I prepared the pizza on baking paper.

Turn the pan upside down. Transfer the pizza over. Bung in the oven for 4-5 minutes.

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Mexican pizza

I’m continuing my experiments and this time used a pizza crisper. It says not to put it on direct heat but it only cost 89p so I thought – Stuff It! 😀

I had some Fajita sauce so I thought i’d do a mexican pizza.

[Image: Photo%200046.jpg]

[Image: Photo%200047.jpg]

[Image: Photo%200048.jpg]

[Image: Photo%200049.jpg]

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Another Pizza on the BBQ




Another Pizza

I bought a pizza tray from Morrison’s. It says not to use it on direct heat but it was only 89p.


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Pizza cooked on BBQ

This started out as an experiment to see how it would turn out.


I used a gas BBQ

I cranked up the heat on all the burners to get it as hot as it could go.
The Grill
I made a simple pizza base and placed it on a baking tray.

Pizza base


Toppins were tomato sauce, mozzerella and pepperoni.

Pizza with toppings


I put the baking tray over the middle section of the BBQ.
It was cooked with the lid down to keep the heat in.
I lifted the lid every minute or so to check on the progress.
You need to keep an eye on it so that the base doesn’t burn.

Pizza on tray on grill bars


Finished product.

Cooked Pizza


It was quite nice.


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