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Baguette (another attempt)

Getting better. Still would like the top to split more but the bread was cooked through and tasted good.



Bourbon brined pork chops

Bought a pork loin joint and cut some nice thick steaks then brined them using this recipe

I didn’t follow it exactly. Added a few extra/different flavourings into the brine but it was basically the same.

Cooked the chop on the grill pan. 
4 mins one side – (half turn after 2mins to get grill markings)
4 mins the other side.
4 mins in the oven.
4 mins resting.

Came out lovely and juicy and just cooked through. If you’re worried then leave them in the oven for another couple of minutes or use a instant read thermometer to check. It was perfect for me though.

Served with tenderstem broccoli (sauteed with chilli, onion & garlic), new potatoes and the apple & horseradish sauce (spiked with a dash of tobasco).

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